Compensation Plan of OWN Intl

full compensation plan one world network (OWN)

OWN is offering six different ways to get paid

Five different opportunities

Receive 50% of the CV on every retail customer sale.

Receive 30% of the CV on all personally sponsored OWNERS ( i.e partner of OWN) first purchase AND 10% of the CV on all first time purchases of your 2nd and 3rd levels of sponsorship.

Receive 10-20% of your lesser team volume each week, with up to a $20,000 weekly cap.

Receive a 25% match on all the Dual Team Pay that your first level of personally sponsoredteam members earn

Earn a 10% check match paid on up to four generations of Silver qualified brand partners or higher rank. Match is based on the Dual Team Pay only.

Receive a $250 – $1,500 bonus each month depending on paid rank to spend as you wish.

Get 3 people who get 3

You and 3 people (1st line) purchase at least $99.95. They get 3 people each (your 2nd line) to purchase at least $99.95. You get $300 monthly.


All of your earned commissions will immediately reflect in your Backoffice and be paid into your e-wallet account weekly. All earned monthly Own Your Life bonuses will paid on the 15th of every month.

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CV – how to get, how many, for what they are given

CV means Commissionable Volume.
They are awarded when someone makes a purchase on the official website of One World Network via backoffice.

1 one unit of PerSu = 40 CV ($54.95)
1 one unit of SubDu = 40 CV ($54.95)
1 PerSu + 1 SubDu = 70 CV ($99.95)

PCV means Personal Commissionable Volume.
They are awarded when YOU make a purchase via One World Network’s backoffice.

PLV means Pay Leg Volume.
It is total CV in your “weak” leg (lesser team).


This is the Main table of OWN’s Compensation plan:

OWN (Onw World Network) mlm Compensation Plan full

Explanations to the table:

Retail Bonus: 50% of the CV.

3-Level Fast Start Bonus: 30% of the CV to the direct sponsor and 10% of the CV on 2 levels of upline sponsorship.

Dual Team pay: (must have one personally sponsored 40pcv active on each team to qualify) no minimum payout or required cycle, pays out weekly at up to $20,000 weekly depending on paid as rank.

Sponsor Match Pay: pays a match to you on the Dual Team Pay earned by your personally sponsored.

Generation Match is up to four generation of match pay depending on rank.

*Dual Team Pay plus Dual Team Match Pay added together can not be more than 60% of an OWNERS pay leg volume (PLV) or the total of those 2bonuses bonus will be capped at 60% of the PLV for that week.

Carryover Volume: Unused Dual team volume will carryover without limits from week to week so long as a partner remains Active with a 40pcv order and remains Dual Team qualified.

Rank Promotions: An OWNER can achieve Silver their first week so long as all qualifications are met. After achieving the rank of Gold a partner will need to promote a personally sponsored Gold in a previous posted pay week before they can promote to Platinum, this rule is enforced above the rank of Gold all the way to Crown Diamond.

Rank Grace Period: A partner that achieves a new rank will be paid at the new rank for 4 additional weeks so long as qualifications other than PLV are still met.

OWN Intl ranks


We have designed an industry exclusive 3-level fast start bonus that not only compensates the direct sponsor for inspiring someone to start their OWN journey, but also will compensate the 2nd and 3rd upline sponsors for the new participants’ first purchase. We want you to work together with your team and share the compensation that comes with it.

Onw World Network Company - 3 LEVEL FAST START


It is generous and easy to understand way to earn immediate income.

With Dual Team Pay comes the possibility of true residual income of 10 – 20% of lesser team group sales volume up to $20,000 each week. As you begin to build your sales team of OWNERS you will place these new partners on the left or right side of your organization, also at the same time participants from above are also able to place new participants on your left or right team and also participants that are already in your left or right teams below you can also add more members to your organization. This creates two teams, which are evaluated for sales volume each week, the team with the lesser sales will be the team that your organization is paid on.

Onw World Network Company - Dual Team Bonus

The example on the right shows the organization of an OWNER that had their left team create 1,000 in their group sales volume while their right team created 1,500 in group sales volume. The left team has the lesser volume for the week so the Dual Team Pay for this partner will be 10% of 1,000 since the
partner qualified as a Silver for the week at 1,000 PLV. Since the partner was paid on 1,000 GCV, that amount will be subtracted from both sides after payment. Since there is 500 GCV remaining on the right team, that GCV will be carried over to the next bonus week and be added to whatever right team group sales volume is created! So long as an participant remains active with 40 PCV and Dual team qualified then banked volume will always carry over each week without limits and never expire.


In addition to the Two Team structure, all your personally sponsoredMembers are also part of your “Sponsorship Organization.” In your Sponsorship Organization, the Members you personally sponsor are placed on your first level (with unlimited horizontal expansion potential). All the Members they personally sponsor will be placed on your second level, and the trend wil continue.

SPONSOR MATHCING BONUS - one world network

In the example to the right, this OWNER has achieved the rank of Crown Diamond. Which means this member is eligible for 25% on all his first level personally sponsored and 10% on the 2nd and 3rd level of sponsorship and 5% on the 4th level of sponsorship. As a reference, the example on the right shows 4-levels of sponsorship that all earned $1,000 in Dual Team Pay and what that would generate in Dual Team Match Pay to the upline organization that is eligible for the Dual Team Match Pay. There is no limit to how many members can be on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th sponsorship levels making this bonus so powerful! There is no limit to the amount of Dual Team Match that can be earned by an OWNER other than the 60% cap rule.


The OWN Matching Bonus program allows you to earn two different powerful matching bonuses on the Dual Team Pay earned by Members in your Sponsorship Organization. First, you get a 25% weekly check match on all your personally sponsored rand Partners.

The OWN Matching Bonus program allows you to earn two different powerful matching bonuses on the Dual Team Pay earned by Members in your Sponsorship Organization. First, you get a 25% weekly check match on all your personally sponsored rand Partners.

Second, once you reach the rank of Silver Qualified Brand Partner or higher, you also get a 10% weekly check match paid on up to four generations of Silver Qualified Brand Partners or higher rank in your Sponsorship Organization.

The start of a “generation” is recognized when a member in your Sponsorship Organization has reached the rank of Silver or higher during a weekly pay period. The Matching Bonus includes all members below them in that team leg of your Sponsorship Organization until the tracking system encounters another Member in the same team leg who is also at the Silver Qualified Brand Partner rank or higher. That Member would then start your next generation



OWN understands that as you work harder to grow your business your expenses grow with it as well. Own has a monthly bonus that grows as you grow. We believe an OWNER that is building a consistent business deserves a monthly bonus to support that growth. We also believe that the monthly bonus should not have any strings attached or be difficult to understand. At One World Network we are not going to force you to use your monthly bonus on a vehicle, a mortgage payment or even office space, we want you to use it any way you want, because its yours! So go ahead and earn a monthly OWN Your Life Bonus and spend it any way you wish because after all it’s your money, you should OWN it and you should OWN Your Life!


one world network 3x3 bonus

This bonus is paid once a month.


All bonuses convert into CREDITS which are virtual money of OWN International. They can be transferred to another user or credit card and used for new purchases through the OWN back office. See more here

Commission payout services

  1. PayPal
  2. HyperWallet  (Hyperwallet Systems Inc.)
  3. TransferWise money transfer service
  4. The brended debit Visa card for One World Network members only:
Onw World network credit card Visa

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