OWN Credits (virtual money)

OWN Credits are virtual money of Company.

How to get

1. All bonuses you earn with One World Network turn into Credits.

See the compensation plan for more information

2. You can also purchase these credits in your back office under the products tab.

3. You can get credits as a transfer from another account (OWN member; Owner)

How to use

1. OWN Credits can be used to purchase from OWN back office. You have ability to buy products (PreSu or SubDu) and gear (hats, water bottles, t-shirts, etc). Use Store/Products menu item in back office.

2. You can also transfer them to other accounts that may not have access to a credit card (Visa, mastercard, American Express or Discover Network) to purchase on their accounts.
Use Organization/Points Account menu item in back office.
Points Account is your e-Wallet page

own international e-Wallet

3. You can transfer money from the wallet to your card with a small commission (the option in development)