F.A.Q. about OWN Intl

Source: OWN International Community

A. Now I want to order my product so I am ‘active’ and can earn commissions so need to know do i log in to my personal site and order the ‘kit’ ? Or do I have to buy the ‘builders package’ which costs more? want to order my product so I am ‘active’ 

Q. You just have to make an order for at least one product.

A. What is delivery time approx to Australia? And approx shipping cost?

Q. The delivery time is about 7-10 business days, and the shipping cost will be about $10-$15

A. I want to know to be active so I get commissions do I have to purchase the builders kit or just any of the products? And also wanting to confirm when promoting OWN International to others do I send them to my own international.shop website or the ownmybuilder.com website?

Q. You may promote any of these sites

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