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Review by Catherine Gorbacheva (Saratov city, Russia)

From today (January 15), I start my marathon! I include PerSu slimming capsules, which the company presented to me, in my daily diet. I will write about the results every day.

  • January 15. Day 1. Weight: 58.400 (127,87 lbs). I weigh up in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • January 16. Day 2. Weight: 57.900. The process started, my friends! I can not believe myself.
  • January 17. Day 3. On the scales: 57.800, which means minus 100 grams…. just a bit, but this is the result also. I continue to take this stunning and unique in composition OWN’s PerSu wellness product.
  • January 18. Day 4. On the scales 57.700. Slowly but surely.
  • January 19. Day 5. On the scales 57.500, which means still minus 200 grams. Wow, how I like it all!
  • January 20. Day 6. On the scales 57.500. – 0 gr. Everything is fine, the main thing is that the weight did not increase.
  • January 21. Day 7. On the scales 57.600. +100 gr. Well, so … I decided to relax at the weekend… quite a bit, a little bit … 🙁
  • January 22. Day 8. On the scales 57.400. – 200g.

So, initial weight was: 58 kg 400 gr.

January 22, after 8 days of taking PerSu weight was 57.400 kg. In a week – 1 kg (about 2.2 lbs)! This result is achieved without training, without diets, only thanks to 1 capsule of “morning nutrition” PerSu. But there is SubDu, “night” nutrition also!

persu results and testimonials
Slimming in progress…

P.S. I will also share with you my feelings after taking the capsules:

I had some problems in restroom. I had to sit and “think” for a certain time 😉 Now everything is gorgeous, every morning, like clockwork, everything is soft, fast and without exerts.

When I got up from the table, I almost always uttered this phrase: “Fu, damn it, I made a pig of myself!”. It is familiar? During these days, as I take PerSu, I never overeat! I get satiated with less food than usual.

I feel excellent all day long, I don’t have that feeling, “damn it, now I would lie and sleep.” A surge of strength and energy all day! Super!

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Sandra Rose tells: ONLY 20 Days After Starting The OWN MY BODY CHALLENGE – 1 PERSU AM Cap + 2 SubDu PM Cap
3 Daily Balanced Meals Fruit & Water + 30 min walking or Living Room Dancing 
Waist: 37 inches down from 42 inches

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Logan John’s Opinion

I normally wake up and eat a small breakfast before heading to the gym. Its Great not needing to drink coffee or pre-workout for extra energy anymore; Taking Persu, I usually have more than enough energy even after my workout !! It varies for some but around 1 to 1 and half is my preferred amount to stay Energized & Focused throughout the day!

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Logan John, US

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