B-Epic – Scam or Not?

B-Epic is a network trading company from the USA, which was established at the end of 2016 and entered the world market at the very beginning of 2017. Currently, the company is developing rapidly, thanks to its most famous products – Elev8 and Acceler8 pills. But, it should be noted that B-Epic actively uses MLM sales techniques. It is known that under the guise of mlm companies there are many scam companies selling fake products.

Therefore, it is important to understand what is B-Epic – Scam or Not?

Is the official site normal or suspicious?

The bepic.com website has a simple but fairly modern professional design. The site has:

  • brief (too brief!) product description, their composition and Supplement Facts
  • instructions for use of products
  • description of business opportunities (wearing an advertising tone)
  • company rules and terms
  • links on Sign Up and Account Login pages
  • member support page

Site technical details

  • Site Title: B-Epic
  • Site Description: Enhance your life with B-Epic high-performance lifestyle products. Try them risk-free backed by our B-Epic 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Domain Registration Date: 2004-09-26 (that is, 13 years before B-Epic establishing. This suggests that the domain name was purchased from previous owners)
  • SSL Certificate – Available
  • Domain Name Registrar: TierraNet Inc. d/b/a DomainDiscover (exists since 1997)
  • The number of site visitors: more than 80,000 per week (May 2021)
  • Server IP –
    Server Location – Montreal, Canada
    Server Owner – iWeb Technologies Inc. (founded in 1996; iweb.com)

Conclusion: the official website does not raise suspicions of dishonesty or fraud

Are the owners and beneficiaries known?

Yes. B-Epic owner, CEO and final beneficiaries are known.

B-Epic President and Owner: Dan Putnam
CEO: Lynn Putnam & JC Martinez Jr.
Management company: R & D GLOBAL, LLC. Company Number: 9196443-0160. CEO – Richard Theodore Putnam Jr. (1526 N Dixie Downs Rd Unit 1 Saint George UT 84770-4103; tel: (435) 986-9787). Industry Codes 5511: Management of Companies and Enterprises (North American Industry Classification System 2007) Details

Conclusion: information about B-Epic is sufficiently disclosed, and this is not appropriate for scam companies.

Is the product quality and marketable?

The company’s products can be divided into three groups.

  1. The first includes the extremely effective and well-purchased dietary supplements Elev8 and Acceler8.
    These supplements increase body energy, improve sleep quality, brain focus, digestion, reduce anxiety and stress levels, and normalize body weight. On the Web you can find thousands of positive customer reviews from around the world – the USA, Canada, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Germany.
  2. The second group includes Gr8 Kids supplement for children and Rejuven8 face serum. These products are high-quality and useful, but quite typical for the market. Therefore, the sale is about 10 times less than Elev8 / Acceler8 supplements.
  3. This group contains one product – the so-called “coral” calcium water Hydr8. The product is a Sango coral powder from Okinawa islands (Japan). Water with the addition of such a powder is supposedly highly pure, “body-friendly” and “healthy”. However, there is no scientific evidence for such statements.

Conclusion: almost all B-Epic products are quality, healthy and well-bought. However, the Hydr8 product has the properties of a fake and a “dummy”.

How much money can you lose?

The maximum non-return investment is $ 19.95. This is the cost of registering an account for an Independent Distributor. For a Preferred Customer, the account is free.

Note: B-Epic maintains a 30-day policy of returning 100% of the cost of products purchased on bepic.com official website.

Conclusion: Since the refund has been working without delays and failures for more than three years, this confirms the legitimacy of the company.

Is the compensation plan realistic?

This is important, because the presence of a clearly unrealistic payment system suggests that we are dealing with a fraudulent company.The presence of a clearly unrealistic payment system suggests that we are facing a fraudulent company.

Fortunately, B-EPIС offers a fairly typical binary-linear marketing plan for our days. It includes 7 types of bonuses (payments), part of which is calculated for a “two legs” binary network (with a limit of 60% of a total company turnover), and part is calculated for a linear network (upline/downline “tree”).

The most innovative and suitable for making money is a series of so-called Life Style bonuses (2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×4), which give from 150 to 700 dollars a month and require a number of conditions to be met.

Conclusion. The compensation plan is almost realistic. This is confirmed by the fact of the normal existence of the company since 2016. However, the financial situation of B-Epic may become unstable in the future, which will lead to a worsening of the terms of compensation and a reduction in bonuses.

Is there a support service?

Yes, there is a support service that can be reached in English or Spanish. Support is also planned in Russian and Korean. Support Phone: +1 385-253-8208

3075 N. Fairfield Road Layton, Utah 84041, USA B-Epic
B-Epic office in Utah

In addition, registered B-EPIC members can apply for help from their back offices (in correspondence format with an average response time of 3-4 hours except weekends and holidays in the USA).

A traditional “paper” correspondence is also possible with the company at 3075 N. Fairfield Road Layton, Utah 84041, USA

Conclusion: Having a support service is not proof of the fairness of the company. But on the other hand, its absence would be clear evidence of fraud.

Final conclusions: Is B-epic legit?

B-Epic is a legit company with demanded products, and exists for more than three years. It has an acceptable support service, maintains a refund, and has an attractive compensation plan.

Although there are factors that could become a problem for B-Epic in the future, there is no reason to consider it fraudulent, fake or too suspicious.