3 Day Epic Experience Pack

The pack content:

  • 3 Elev8 (Boost) capsules
  • 3 Acceler8 Restore capsules
  • 3 Acceler8 Sleep capsules


“3 Day Epic Experience” – is a spacial “sample” pack of B-Epic products. It is intended to introduce new customers to the company’s products. The pack is designed for 3 days of use.

This three-day pack of Elev8 & Acceler8 capsules contains 3 sachets, each containing 3 different colored capsules – green for the morning, white and purple for the night. B-Epic company completely confident that new customers will experience the results on the third day!

Please note that this product is available only for Distributors of the company. Preferred Customers can not yet purchase it.

How it works?

The 3-day B-Epic Experience is SIMPLE & EASY!

  1. ELEV8 “Boost”: ONE green pill in the morning for an ALL DAY boost of energy, focus, mental clarity and performance.
  2. ACCELER8 “Restore”: ONE purple pill after dinner to restore, cleanse, detox and replenish your microbiome for a healthy digestive and immune system!
  3. ACCELER8 “Sleep”: ONE white pill 30 minutes before bed to relax the body and mind to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake up feeling refreshed!


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Price for Distributors

Price for 10 three-day packs – $ 89.95 (excluding shipping and one-time $19.95 registration fee).

Technical Information for Member
  • Binary CV for 10 Sample Packs: 70
  • Note: this pack qualifies for a Lifestyle Bonus (2×2, 3×3 etc)
How to Buy

Price for Customers

Caution: for US only!

Price for 1 three-day pack – $ 14.95 (excluding shipping).

Technical Information for Member
  • Binary CV for 1 Sample Packs: 10
  • Note: this pack not qualifies for a Lifestyle Bonus (2×2, 3×3 etc)
How to Buy

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3 Day Epic Experience Pack
3 Day Epic Experience Sample Pack

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