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Elev8 & Acceler8 give fast and obvious results. Thousands of customers publish them on their pages on social networks. Here you will find many reviews and before-and-after photos. They have not been edited or modified. Only real results of real people!

Before-And-After Pictures

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Customer Reviews

Testimony of Crissy Schinmann (Seattle, Washington)

5 months on the 3 SUPPS and I have experienced amazing results!! While I’m not super excited to share my starting pics, I’m over the moon with my results thus far and excited to share!
I started bEPIC in October 2020 unhealthy; mentally, physically and spiritually. My first night with the sleep supp and I was hooked! I was feeling and seeing amazing results my first 60 days, then through the holidays I was not consistent and the unhealthy started creeping back in…

January 2021 I started back and haven’t stopped! I have lost a total of 20lbs, 2 pant sizes and 18ins!! I eat pretty healthy, and with the help of the 3 supps & B-Slim I have zero sugar or french fry cravings! With my extra energy and focus I have added gym time 3 days a week and an outside activity 1 day a week!

Over the years I have tried to get healthy, I have tried to work out consistently, I have tried to eat “right” to lose weight, I have tried to track eating/macros, I have tried cleanses/fasting/keto, I have tried other products designed for weight loss.. instead I found myself super unfit, overweight and unhealthy. Because the B-Epic system is so simple and the results happen within the first few months it is really easy to stay motivated!!

Non-scale victories have been immeasurable! I have a new sense of purpose, renewed self confidence, ability to focus on a better version of myself and am excited for a healthy lifestyle! I know my insides are working better as my skin is glowing, my hair is growing so fast and my nails are stronger than they have ever been!

Be Blessed & B-Epic

Review from USA on BEpic 3 pill system

Testimony of Ruth DeSario (Chicago, Illinois)

I just finished my 3rd full month with this simple 3 Step Lifestyle System… This is not a weight loss program but a total Reset for my body, a real Lifestyle change and I am totally satisfied with the changes I am seeing…

At the start of this system, I had an unsightly protruding belly, not just a big belly… I also had a very ugly bulge in my mid-section. When I looked down all I could see was this ugly bulge. I couldn’t even see my feet, just my big belly. I always tried to hide it by wearing over-sized loose tops but that did not really hide it… No matter what I did I just could not loose it! LOL

Now after 3 months I can honestly say with certainty that what they say about this system is absolutely true… I have never felt better and my body is actually reshaping itself! Now when I look down I can see my feet… Really! For me that’s exciting, my bulge is gone and as for my big belly, it’s not completely flat yet, but it does not protrude anymore. It’s still a bit of a pot belly but it looks so much better because it has gone down a whole lot.

In addition, before the purple capsule… I have had gut issues, bloating, gas and terrible heart burn almost everyday for a very long time. Now with the probiotic/prebiotic blend in the purple capsule, along with the other ingredients… this purple pill has taken care of that, so no more tummy issues inside or out!

My energy level and focus have greatly improved and I am sleeping better than I have in a long time… deep restful sleep, waking up feeling refreshed and ready to start my day!

I am convinced as months go by and I continue to reset my body with this system, my results will just get better and better!

Review on bepic 3 pills system from Chicago

Review by Neika Stinson

I have been taking the B-Epic three pills for 2 weeks. I have to say I feel better than I have felt in many years. Actually I believe I had felt so bad for so long that I forgot how to feel good. I have had many health issues throughout the past several years that had caused me to get to the point I had reached. Abour 4 weeks ago I tipped the scale at 300 lbs. How on earth did I allow this to happen???

In 2004, I was diagnosed with chemical toxic poisoning. I was 36 years old and was literally not able to function. I could not even carry on a conversation with my spouse and others because I would totally in the middle of my sentence forget what we had been talking about, what I was saying or even the direction our conversation was going. To my surprise my entire body was loaded with toxic chemicals…every organ, tissue, cell and my blood was contaminated. I was having heart issues, lung issues (trouble breathing), major female problems, aches and pain in my entire body (muscles/joints), headaches and brain fog. My endocrine system which involves the pituitary gland, pineal grand, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal glands, etc. were all effected. My kidneys, pancreas, gallbladder, colon (large and small intestines) were compromised.

My mitral valve in my heart leaks, I have an enlarged heart, the walls of my heart are thickened, I have gallstones, a fatty liver, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut syndrome, sleep apnea, stenosis of my spine, and arthritis pain. Besides the physical issues… I have had so much stress in my life the past 10-15 years. Mine and my husband’s parents have been sick and 3 have passed away. My mother is in the nursing home and we have custody of our three grandchildren… 3, 5, and 7. I have been on depression/anxiety meds and still had trouble coping daily.

I am 52 years now and honestly in the past 2 weeks of being on B-Epic Elev8 and Acceler8 I feel 20 years younger. I feel more peace and calmness in my life. I have self-confidence, self-worth and a driving force in my life that I have not experienced in a very long time if ever. I wake up feeling good. I am not taking nap during the day. I am doing things around the house that I have put off not weeks or months but literally years. I am happy! I feel like I am focused and my thinking is on target. In the past 2 weeks I have lost 9.2 lbs.

My B-Epic Journey has just begun. I did not get this way over night…neither will I reach my goals over night. I thank God for leading me to B-Epic, the supplements and the company. Glad I just jumped in and took the plunge.

bepic elev8 review (depression)

Testimony: fast recovery after trauma

Tell you a bit of my B-Epic journey. I own horses and have trained them all through my child hood. In May 2018 I had a near fatal horse accident. It was a freak accident it was a newly bought stallion. It was my 3rd ride. We had road for about 6 hours that day. Come back my husband opened the gate on his horse I went to close it on mine. His shank caught on the gate he had a tie down on top, so he freaked pulled back and flipped luckily for me he wasn’t trying to come down on me he flipped to the side but it I hit my head hard on the ground causing severe head trauma. I was knocked out. The horse didn’t see me when he stood up so he stepped all his weight on my stomach breaking 6 ribs and almost cutting my liver in half.

I remember coming too standing up crumbling to the floor. I knew I was dying. In and out of it. Finally light and sirens come they get me in the ambulance and I am screaming in pin by now but they can’t give me nothing just yet as my blood pressure bottomed out. I was dying!

After that I don’t remember nothing for a week and a half which is probably good because I was in horriable pain and screaming a lot. Drs told my husband to be ready because they don’t think I’ll pull through I lost so much blood I needed blood transfusions. But I did pull through. Dr said if my liver had been cut a hair more to the right it would have been completely cut in half and I wouldn’t have made it.
Any way I had to use a walker for awhile after my accident I couldn’t walk alone.

My ribs never healed right and my head has a limp on it is very sensitive to touch and I live with head aches since the accident. I’m always hurting. I weighed about 118 before the accident and then after the accident even way less I was too skinny. I fell into depression and ended up going from 118 to 150 went from a size 26 27 to a size 31 and I have never in my life struggled with weight. My medications I had to be on I know was a big cause too in my weight gain but it made me feel even more horrible.

Then someone told me about BEpic pills I didn’t know if that could really be true it sounded to good to be true so she added me on B-Epic Facebook group and I saw all the results. I ordered and finally got them.

And the difference I have seen in just a few days is crazy a dress that was too snug is getting too loose around the top pants that were way to tight the other day fit me comfortable now and my stomach is way way down. I’m amazed. I had no energy anymore and wanted to sleep all the time now I’m wide awake doing things keeping busy.

This product is worth the money. Helped me in more ways than one.
And yes I still own the horse that almost killed me I was back on him 6 weeks after the accident. Took about 6 months for me to get through to his heart now we are best friends.

This product is definitely worth it!!!!! I have a new outlook on life since my accident!

Sally Benna, TX, USA

Testimonial fast recovery after trauma with Bepic Pills

Review by Melanie Daler (Michigan, the USA)

This company came into my life at a time that I really needed it. A little backstory, I used to weigh 292lbs. Are used to take lots of medicine for cholesterol, blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

I felt awful I slept all the time I had headaches my whole entire life and I tried everything out there.

In 2017 I decided the only thing left for me to try was the gastric sleeve. I don’t regret it at all because that allowed me to lose enough and change enough habits to get me off all of my medication, well except the anxiety meds. However, that doesn’t fix your mind and your mindset. I got down to 201 lbs. However through the holidays and then the pandemic and the stress and anxiety of that I gained 39 lbs back.

I was having trouble sleeping, up and down throughout the night. My eating habits and cravings for sweets had me sometimes sleeping on the couch away from my husband due to the heartburn I would get. When my A1 C numbers came back and I saw that they were growing, and I was napping all of the time again in a combination of sleeping on the couch I knew something had to change especially to help me with my cravings.

Fast forward to me seeing a friends post I’m thinking weight loss wouldn’t be bad but I felt greedy using a product for that so I didn’t jump on it. However when I saw her post about the energy and the sleep that she was getting I was sold!

These products have saved me from going on a full downward spiral. My sweet cravings are curved, my water intake is up, I don’t need naps anymore, I have accomplished so much around my house more than I ever have, and my sleep is amazing and next to my husband! Also after It helping me so much I knew I had to share it with others so now it has also helped me financially. Stay off the scales and measure, measure, measure! I am so thankful that this was shared with me and I hope that everyone gives us a shot because the only regret you’re going to have is not trying it sooner!

Bepic Elev8 pills review (weight loss and blood sugar)
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Review by Elizabeth V. Guest (Louisiana, the USA)

I am 5’2” and I have weighed 200 – TWICE! 14 years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis and sciatica nerve pain. I started taking medications to regulate the pain. As I have gotten older, I started to struggle with hip pain so severe that my husband would have to turn me over in my bed, every night, I struggled with my hips going numb from my waist to mid thigh. It got to the point that I couldn’t work out, and couldn’t walk long distances without having to rest several times, and was so bad I couldn’t lift my right leg to step up onto a curb. That was almost 2 years ago! My doctor ordered an MRI and I was diagnosed with a laboral tear, gluteus Maximus and medius tears, bursitis in my right hip and tendonitis in my right hamstring! He was amazed I was even walking!! I was already getting costly injections in my back and spine and her suggestion injections for my laboral tear.

My journey with B-Epic started and I knew I wanted to lose some weight, but I liked the stories I had heard about other things people were being relieved from. A lot of their medical issues were the same as mine. I have always been a light sleeper and can’t shut my mind off, but these supplements have changed that! I am getting more rest than I have in YEARS! I haven’t worked out in over 4 years because of all of the issues, but I have just started working out again!! No more nights with numb hips, I have no pain and no problems with turning over in bed and my left knee, that was bothering me even when putting socks and shoes on, is no longer sore!!

I honestly feel like a different person and have been sharing this product with everyone I meet! Don’t give up and don’t let anyone talk you out of doing what’s best for you!

Review by Bridgett R Blake (NY, the US)

I’ve been taking these supplements for about a month! I feel so amazing. Better than I have for years! I have suffered with major anxiety/depression disorder for as long as I remember!

I was diagnosed with a debilitating disease 11 1/2 years ago called Trigeminal Neuralgia, also knows as the suicide disease causing me a lot of nerve pain and I have had multiple surgeries for that, one including brain surgery in 2015. I also have hypothyroidism and Rheumatoid Arthritis. 3 years ago I had a hysterectomy and a little over a year ago I broken 8 bones in my leg and ankle and was down for several months!

All of these along with my daily meds have contributed to most my weight gain. I gave up, I didn’t see hope. I tried everything and had no success. I just accepted it as my new normal. I lost all confidence in myself. I really just lost myself all together. Then someone introduced me to these supplements.

Like everyone I was very skeptical and honestly sick of taking pills. Then I finally gave in and tried BEpic pills! Let me just tell you that these has helped me in so many ways. I found “ME” again! My family has ME” back and I am enjoying life again. They’ve changed my life! These supplements not only have helped me lose a lot of weight, but I’ve been able to get off of some of my medications!! That’s HUGE! I have more energy and oh my goodness I didn’t even realize that I wasn’t “sleeping” until I started these! My depression and anxiety have improved so much! My family sees a huge difference. Most importantly I feel so much better! I will be forever be thankful for how these supplements have helped me!

bepic pills review USA)

Review by Michelle Reiser (Ontario, Canada)

Totally unexpected result from taking Elev8 + Acceler8 + Hydr8.

I am a 36 year old woman who suffers from very uncomfortable menstrual cramps every month. The discomfort is like an 11/10. I’ve been taking these products for just over a month.

Month one, my discomfort level went down to a 3/10… and month two, it’s down to a 1/10!

My sleep has been INCREDIBLE too! By the 4th night I was dreaming in technicolour lol. I am waking up easily – sometimes before the alarm clock and it’s the most quality sleep I’ve ever had. These products are AHmazing. I’m doing the happy dance!

bepic elev8 review

Martina Macias-Martinez’s testimony

Before I was introduced to & taking my 3 magic B-Epic vitamins, I was taking ALL 11 of my own vitamins (pic attached) daily…When I started off with my 3 day B-Epic supply, I was still taking my regular vitamins..

With my own trial & error I decided to stop taking all but 3 of my normal vitamins (Cranberry, Super Enzymes, & Iron). For my own personal issues.

I’ve never felt better, & this will save a ton of money for me, not taking 11 different vitamins! I was sleeping better, but not great, so I started taking my purple vitamin in the morning instead of at night with my white vitamin…This made a huge difference in my sleep at night! I’m no longer waking up every 1-2 hours, & trying to get back to sleep!

Review by Donna Doan (Alberta, Canada)

It was just 8 weeks ago that I lay in a hospital bed medicated into an induced coma.

It started when I thought I had a bad cold/flu for 3 months before….

On Dec. 30th 2019 I woke up and couldn’t breath. I was rushed to emergency and sedated and intubated. I was told I had pneumonia & 2 other viruses after coming out of coma.
A few days after I came home my husband left for work for 10 days, came home for a couple days then left again for 14 days. I was on oxygen at home because there was so much lung damage.

? I was lonely and scared, it was -30 out…..
I went into 25 straight days of the worst anxiety (before this I’ve never had anxiety bad, they say all the coma drugs & almost death experience caused a form of PTSD). My heart was going crazy and 5000 thoughts were racing through my head constantly. I was positive I was going to die. I could see my heart beating, it was going nuts.
When Glenn came home after the 10 days he took me to the hospital, they said I have a irregular heartbeat.

A nurse told me I was having a huge anxiety attack. ( I’ve known about the irregular heartbeat for 15 years & had never felt it before).
Along with this happening the past 8 months has been hell with the worst and longest fibromyalgia attack I’ve ever had, the worst pain ever. I gained 30-40 lbs in the past 2 years. Brain fog, my memory was awful, anxiety through the roof, my planters fasciitis was so bad I had a hard time walking for almost 2 years etc. My hair was falling out like crazy. Hot flashes were back full tilt.

This is what happened in the past 11 days…
No anxiety, my heart is perfect, I have felt nothing… no fibromyalgia symptoms or pain at all after day 4. No foot pain (planter fasciitis) no restless legs, I don’t think I’ve been this happy or have had as much energy in 30 years! No more naps ?
I’ve lost 7.6 lbs and 11 inches from my waist hips & chest. My hair has stopped falling out already & I have had 2 hot flashes in the first 3 day, none since!!! 

I stopped taking my sleeping pill and am getting a way better sleep, feel way more rested. ? This is big, I’ve never been a good sleeper. I feel great because I’m getting 4 servings of fruits & vegetables because it adds to the usual 2-3 serving I usually have and know it’s not enough. I’m getting my probiotics, prebiotics & enzymes so I don’t have to buy them anymore. I’m saving lots on minerals because my Hydr8 water has 70 trace minerals, alkalizes etc.

I’m 56 and feel like 30!!! There’s nothing better then this! WOW!
When I say life changing, I mean LIFE CHANGING! ? GRATEFUL!

bepic pills review

Review by Pamela Smith

Ok ok I know you all LOVE before and after pictures. But here is the thing… I can’t take pictures of how I FEEL. ??‍♀️
??I KNOW someone somewhere needs to hear this??

And I’m going to tell you… I feel amazing!!
Here is what I’ve experienced:
-BETTER MOOD…I had been moody, impatient, quick to snap, etc… now SO MUCH better
-BETTER SLEEP.. I used to get up through the night… no more
-No more naps
-Anxiety =gone and no more anxiety meds
-I don’t hit the snooze button 4 times before I get up now, I get up and feel refreshed
-TMI buttttt I KNOW someone is having the same issues – because we are human – soooo I was having low libido issues. Doctors tested everything, found nothing. And nowwww !!!! need I say more?

Do I want to lose weight? Heck yeah but THESE THINGS ALONE are worth every single penny I paid!

bepic review from usa

Tonya Gardner’s Review

I’ve been taking these pills for over a month. Down 12 lbs and about 7 inches last I measured. I didn’t start this program to lose weight. Figured if it happened it happened! I had so much brain fog, fatigue, hot flashes, migraines, joint pain, insomnia. I suffer from menopause and lymes disease. I was eating otc pain meds like they were going out of style! No more! Its all gone! I feel freaking amazing!!!! If you are on the fence, jump off the damn thing! These are so much more than weight loss!

My insomnia is gone! I am sleeping great and waking up ready to take on the day, every day! I have amazing energy throughout the day! My mind is no longer total chaos! I no longer need to eat otc pain meds all day. 3 capsules a day! That’s it! Its made such a huge difference in my life and its super affordable!

Sheree Davis’s Testimony:

Good morning world!!!
I just woke up after the most amazing night sleep. If anyone had told me 2 months ago I would sleep good again and not wake up from pain all night I would have laughed at them. I’m not eating Tylenol like a pez dispenser anymore.

I just redid my measurements too I’ve lost over 2″ from each of my arms AKA bat wings at this point in life. Starting to see more muscle definition. 3″ total from my thighs!!

My favorite results of what’s happened for me so far over the last two months is I am now back in a medium size scrub pant and last night I restarted my couch to 5K run program.

I’m generally a much happier, less anxious and nicer person to be around right now even being stressed out with work and some issues going on in life!!!

I recently had to go 10 days without my capsules. It definitely showed me how far I’ve come since starting. I was tired ,I was negative and grumpy, not making good food choices, all my joints felt swollen and achy my IBS symptoms came back full force too, that’s not fun…

I can quite plainly tell you, ill never be without them again. So much cheaper than pain meds and Drs bills from poor health and lifestyle choices!

Bepic product review

Malinda Sargent’s Testimony on BEpic pills:

Picture to the left from 2019. Bloated, heavy and sick, my body was screaming for help, I pretended to be confident but wasnt, I was battling PCOS, Mono, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue, and Hormone Imbalances. I also had massive Gastrointestinal problems for yrs which it was landing me in ER about 1x every couple months.

Needless to say I was MISERABLE.
Right before Covid-19 hit, my friend told me about something she was taking that was giving her energy and was helping her moods. At first I said no but then my brain kept thinking what if.. what if it helps?

I couldn’t believe it from the first night taking these vegan all natural plant based supplements I slept all night for probably the first time in years, and wasnt up all night.

In the past 4 months I’ve stopped needing naps, don’t have an addiction to caffeine anymore, no longer need to run to the bathroom, no longer have the daily aches and pains which were more than aches and pains, my immune system is stronger I have recovered faster, dont have chronic fatigue or adrenal fatigue issues anymore, no more mono flares either.

And the ICING ON THE CAKE.. I’m down about 22 lbs and several inches. Before going to my companies first corporate even I bought Jean’s 2 sizes down and they FIT!

I was settling with just getting by.. it was not living I was not living an Epic life. NOW that’s changed. I’M ALL IN.. I NOW have the ENERGY, HEALTH AND MOTIVATION TO GO FOR IT!

Picture to the left from 2019. Bloated, heavy and sick, my body was screaming for help, I pretended to be confident but wasnt, I was battling PCOS, Mono, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue, and Hormone Imbalances. I also had massive Gastrointestinal problems for yrs which it was landing me in ER about 1x every couple months. Needless to say I was MISERABLE.Right before Covid-19 hit, my friend told me about something she was taking that was giving her energy and was helping her moods. At first I said no but then my brain kept thinking what if.. what if it helps? I couldn't believe it from the first night taking these vegan all natural plant based supplements I slept all night for probably the first time in years, and wasnt up all night.In the past 4 months I've stopped needing naps, don't have an addiction to caffeine anymore, no longer need to run to the bathroom, no longer have the daily aches and pains which were more than aches and pains, my immune system is stronger I have recovered faster, dont have chronic fatigue or adrenal fatigue issues anymore, no more mono flares either. And the ICING ON THE CAKE.. I'm down about 22 lbs and several inches. Before going to my companies first corporate even I bought Jean's 2 sizes down and they FIT! I was settling with just getting by.. it was not living I was not living an Epic life. NOW that's changed. I'M ALL IN.. I NOW have the ENERGY, HEALTH AND MOTIVATION TO GO FOR IT!

Sonya Head from Colorado tells about her transformation with B-Epic pills

Ask yourself “What is stopping me from starting these supplements?” Who’s on the fence and wondering if they work or not?

The first photo on the left was taken in April before I started my wellness journey. The photo on the right was taken yesterday (10/5). I’ve been taking these supplements faithfully for almost 5 months!

I have lost several inches ALL over my body. I have energy ALL day. My bloating is gone and my gut health continues to improve. My mental focus and clarity has never been better. I don’t feel so scatterbrained anymore and feel like I’m in control of my life. I have motivation that I didn’t have before and gained my confidence back. I can’t tell you the last time I had a “rough night” of sleep, that’s a thing of the past. My skin is looking more youthful and I swear these supplements have the secret in them to the fountain of youth! I’ll be 40 in a couple years but I’m not even upset about it. I feel young and alive. I still can’t believe these miracle supplements exist and I stumbled upon them.

Thank you B-EPIC for helping me in so many different aspects of my life. I love you real BIG❤️

Deanna Robertson from the USA shared her story

Now I cannot imagine my life 6 months ago. I never slept, hormones were literally killing me, I was in the beginning phase of menopause, heart palpitations, anxiety, swelling every day, horrible indigestion, exhausted, black deep set eyes, unmotivated, racing brain, IBS, unfocused, just miserable.

I’m so happy now, it is difficult to remember the person I was for a long 5 years. As a retired healthcare professional, I fell in love with the ingredients.

  • improved gut health
  • cognitive function
  • sleep like a beast
  • swelling gone
  • 40 lbs gone
  • feel like I’m 25 again

I quit drinking Dr. Peppers immediately they were disgustingly fake to me. I quit coffee almost immediately it smells horrible to me.

I only walk dogs at a rescue 3 days a week no other exercise. I take green pills every morning with 32 ounces of water. I drink a gallon of water every day. I take purple when I feel I need it, but usually at night about an hour before I’m ready to go to bed, along with the white.

I will never go back!

Bepic's 3 pills - health effect (review)