B-Immune by B-Epic (New Product!)

Immune dietary supplement (BEpic)

This new B-Epic product is produced in a limited edition and will be launched on the market in the summer of 2020.

What is B-Immune?

B-Epic BImmune is the dietary supplement designed to ensure the normal functioning of the human immune system. Available in form, packaged in 4.2 oz. (120 grams) canister. 1 container of the supplement is designed for 30 days. It is taken twice a day.

A small amount of powder should be dissolved in water to get a drink with a pleasant citrus taste and flavor.

This is a natural high-tech product, beneficial to strengthen the body’s immune defenses. BIMMUNE provides protection against bacteria and viruses, supports the normal functioning of the immune system, activates specific and non-specific immunity.

Who needs BImmune?

BEpic’s B-Immune required for the following people

  • оften sick with flu, colds, SARS
  • having chronic diseases
  • suffering from anemia
  • working in adverse conditions
  • subject to physical and emotional stress
  • survivors of trauma, surgery, serious illness (including radiation therapy and chemotherapy)


Individual intolerance to individual components, pregnancy, breastfeeding, age up to 3 years.

How in works?

BImmune provides natural body protection in three ways:

I. The supplement maintains the normal functioning of non-specific tissue immunity by activating physiological barriers – skin and mucous membranes (including the intestines and nasopharynx).

II. Supports the immune system at the cellular level by activating the following protective agents:

  • macrophage cells (which capture and digest harmful bacteria)
  • neutrophil cells that enhance phagocytosis i.e. the ability of cells to receive nutrients from the intercellular environment (matrix).

III. Increases the production of antibodies (protective proteins from blood plasma) and cytokines (molecules that regulate the strength of the specific immune response), which help fight viruses.


  1. Ganoderma Mushroom (aka Reishi or Lingzhi)
  2. Immunel™ – Peptides blend derived from cow colostrum (otherwise – pre-milk; special breast secret)
  3. Echinacea Herb Extract
  4. Acerola (Barbados Cherry) Fruits Extract
  5. Black Elderberry Extract
  6. BEPIC Immune Complex (contains A, B3, B12, C, D, E vitamins and zinc, chromium, sulfur trace minerals)
  7. Accessory ingredients
bepic bimmune ingredients
BEpic’s IMMUNE composition
What is Immunel™?

Immunel™ is a unique immune promoting ingredient that can serve as a useful tool to strengthen and maintain the balance of a healthy immune system, keeping it ready for when resistance support is needed. Immunel™ is a concentration of specific immune factors from colostrum, clinically proven to induce rapid changes in defense function within 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Immunel™ acts as an immune-modulator, re-establishing balanced regulation of the immune function by restoring the cytokine communication pathways by utilizing the immunoactive molecules that are extracted from dairy cow colostrum. This blend, because of the small molecular size (10,000 kilodaltons) is capable of transferring a cellular immune response and optimizing immune system response and balance.

Direction for use

Add a small amount of powder to a glass of clean water and stir the contents. The product is ready for use.
Take twice a day.

For children under 12, the amount of powder should be halved.

Price for B-Epic distributors

50 US dollars for 1 canister excluding shipping cost (12 to 16 USD) and taxes (for Australia, NZ, Canada and etc.)