How to Join B-Epic for Free

Register on the official website and become a member of the Company!

As enrolled Member (Brand Partner) You will have the opportunity:

  • to build your own trade network
  • to earn money according company’s compensation plan
  • to buy products at minimal prices
  • to use a back office for business management.

All people can join to Company via B-Epic Builder site using trial distributor account. This is a great place if you want to get started in the business without purchasing any products and paying the sign-up fee to start.

Be advised, free trial distributor accounts are good for 30 days, after-which they need to upgrade your account with a 40 PV or higher qualified product pack order.

Attention: enrollment is performed only via the Internet and only on the official company’s website. Here you will find instructions on how to register for free.

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See below for enrollment instructions

So, to sign up for a free trial distributor account, you have go to B-Epic Builder website.

Select your Country from the dropdown list; this should be the country in which you reside and to where your personal orders will be shipped.

Then click on the “Continue as Distributor” button.

Fill out the account details form on the registration screen:

B-Epic Enroll Account Profile

USERNAME: Create a username that is easy to remember and simple to type. Do NOT use an email address, symbols, special characters, non-English characters. Be sure to write down your username for safe keeping; you’ll need it to access your account later.

PASSWORD: Be advised that passwords are case sensitive. Keep your password safe for future reference.

FIRST NAME & LAST NAME: This must be your actual, real name. Be advised, the name you provide here will be how it is listed on your account profile and used in company correspondence and recognitions.

COMPANY NAME: This is optional and would only be applicable if you are signing up as a company versus as an individual. For example, Dr. John Smith, Chicago Wellness Center. (Do not enter “B-Epic” here.)

PHONE: A valid phone number is required in case we need to contact you about your account or order.

EMAIL: Communications about your account are sent via email, so be sure to provide a valid email address!

Provide the default address for your account.

B-Epic Enrollment Account Address

Use STREET 2 if your address is very long.

If you are US citizen choose state name from dropdown list STATE/PROVINCE. If you are non-US citizen type your province (region) name manually.

Then press CONTINUE TO REVIEW green button.

Carefully check the entered information. Then point YES if You are agree with B-Epic terms and condition and press COMPLETE SIGNUP.

If you want to make changes, click the gray button

B-Epic Enroll-Final Review

Congratulation! Now You are B-Epic’s Brand Partner!

Note: The information provided will be securely stored in your online member account and used to process orders (you can change it after-the-fact as often as you need).

Be advised, your username, first and last name, email address, and phone number will be posted as the site contact on your replicated website.

To log into your account use link

(You will need to enter a username and password)

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