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What is Elev8

Elev8 is dietary nutrition supplement developed by B-Epic company. Intended for healthy weight loss in daytime, body energy increasing, memory and brain activity increasing, productivity and motivation boosting.

Elev8 is a part of the B-Epic’s “trio” (also includes Acceler8 white and violet capsules).

The supplement is based on the specially developed B-Epic formula, which combines 3 highly effective blends of potent, pure herbal, mushroom and whole food extracts that are rich in bioavailable essential trace elements, vitamins & other micro-nutrients with powerful nootropic and adaptogenic properties.

All ingredients are safe and proven.

Elev8: Purposes of use and Benefits

Elev8 provides the consumer:

  1. Energy and stamina for a whole day
  2. Improved mental focus, clarity & memory
  3. Safe appetite suppression
  4. High activity, cognitive and physical efficiency
  5. Good digestion
  6. Strong motivation and good mood
  7. Hair and nails strengthening
  8. Weight normalization
  9. 100% natural, bioavailable nutrition of your cells
  10. Overall health promotion

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Elev8 will allow you to become the person that you aspire to be!

Customer results

Let me just say this 3 pill system is just amazing!

I started with a my daughter back last June and from day one I felt the energy from the green pill! After a couple more days I noticed that I was more focused and calm!
The purple calmed my gut because if anyone knows about anxiety it affects that too.

And OMG !! The white is absolutely amazing I cannot believe the restful sleep I get from that pill and again anxiety keeps you awake a lot of the night!

The pills help my blood pressure to go down some and I don’t need such a high dosage of meds any more-since I’ve been taking these three pills I sleep amazing, I have wonderful energy, I do not need energy drinks or espresso as much anymore which I did drink a lot of.I do on occasion for my aches and pains power I’m using as well.

I have lost from 247 in June 2020 to now 182 January 2021 a total of 65 lbs and went from a size 18 to a size 12ish / M-L !!! Not FINISHED by any means but HUGE progress already!

This is MY OWN story and I’M not making any medical claims.

Melissa Ann Brandhagen

For the first time ever, I’m comfortable in my own skin. I feel attractive again to my partner!!!

All I want to do now is to make everyone I know to feel this way! These magic beans are for real!!!

Jessie Orlandi

Instruction for use

Take one capsule in the morning (15-30 minutes before breakfast) with 8 ounces of water. Do not exceed recommended serving size.

The product is not intended for children under 3 years old, pregnant or nursing. Reduce dosage twice if you are at risk or are being treated for high blood pressure or psychiatric disease, seizure, diabetic or stroke.

Duration of reception is not limited.


B-Epic Formula combines three complexes of nutritional ingredients to help you achieve your goals:

  • Nature’s Energy & Clarity Blend
  • Adaptogen Super Blend
  • Whole Food Nutrient Blend

Elev8 Ingredients in Details

Nature’s Energy & Clarity Blend

The Nature’s Energy and Clarity Blend in Elev8 is made from a synergistic mix of holistic herbs and B vitamins. It is loaded with powerful nootropics and other natural substances that have been used for centuries in traditional Tibetan, Chinese and Siberian medicine to promote energy, mental clarity, and mood. In modern day practices, these natural ingredients continue to be used to boost brain performance and focus, create a calm, harmoniously balanced energy without jitters; improve memory and concentration; and reduce brain fog. In addition, Vitamin B complex contains vitamins that are often used in combination to help the body stay energized throughout the day.

Adaptogen Super Blend

Elev8 is based on a powerful adaptogenic formula that combines medicinal mushrooms and super herbs that have been used for thousands of years to expand the mind and body. The powerful Elev8 supermix is ​​rich in adaptogens that have an amazing ability to help people feel good – even when you are under stress, or after a quick change in weather, or during muscle overload. Modern studies have shown that adaptogens can be effective in combating physical and mental fatigue, easing feelings of depression and anxiety. The protective activity of adaptogens can also help strengthen the immune system, as well as the body’s natural ability to withstand a number of damaging effects.

Whole Food Nutrient Blend

Elev8 contains Whole Food Extracts of Spinach, Broccoli, Carrots, Tomato, Beet, Shiitake, Apples, Cranberry, Cherry, Orange, Blueberry, Strawberry, Black Pepper.

Elev8 Prices

Month supply (30 pills) prices:

  • Distributor price is $49.95 (excluding delivery and $19.95 registration fee)
  • Customer price is $59.95 (excluding delivery)

Together with Acceler8 (60 pills; one month supply) –

  • $89.95 for Distributors (excluding delivery and $19.95 registration fee )
  • $99.95 for Customers (excluding delivery)

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