What is BEpic 1Revolution?

BEpic 1Revolution is the name of a public and business initiative/movement aimed at introducing BEpic products & lifestyle to people from different countries. Founders of the “BEpic 1Revolution” are Ricky Villanueva, Demitrius Siruno and others.

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B-Epic is a high-performance product & lifestyle movement that is helping individuals around the Globe improve their health and their freedom, with over 140,000 members inside of bEpic Customer Community (100%Epic & B-Epic 1Revolution Team).

B-Epic is also transforming the health of countless individuals on a dayly basis with B-Epic high-performance products,
its unique 50% retail model on every customer and its lifestyle bonuses.

B-Epic’s high-performance nutrition product line when combined can enhance every aspect of your life.

1revolution bepic team

Ricky Villanueva says:
TEAM 1REVOLUTION… we brought back the ACHIEVABLE DREAM to MLM again. We didn’t form to the old way, we created the NEW MODEL & set a new STANDARD to network marketing. A NEW WAY. Elev8 & Accelr8 is a way of life.



What is BEpic 1Revolution Team?

This is how the community of B-EPIC members (Brand Partners), formed around the Facebook “TEAM 1REVOLUTION” & “100% Epic” groups, calls itself.

This community includes peoples from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland and some other countries.

1Revolution Team‘s Facebook-group is here
Community: link
BEpic official website is available at this link

Why 1Revolution?

“When we started bEPIC on December 1st 2019 we where confident in knowing it was GO TIME & we were focused on launching a REVOLUTION that was different than anything anyone has ever seen or experienced in the industry in the last decade.

The world 1REVOLUTION is an interesting word… if you study the history books it’s almost described as a cause that people gather around and are willing to die for. We’ve got PASSION & CONVICTION… people are coming from all over the country and the world to see what’s happening over here…. this is the COMPANY of the DECADE!


Ricky Villanueva

Revolutionary Elev8/Acceler8 Health Power

The main thing in the BEPIC 1Revolution is not money, but the B-EPIC revolutionary products for health, which have unique advantages. These are not fluent phrases, not “razzmatazz”. Tens and hundreds of thousands of people confirm these words every day. The huge number of real reviews that can be found in the thematic Facebook groups and on the bEpic-related sites clearly testify in favor of the fantastic benefits of B-EPIC products and especially the Elev8 & Acceler8 “combo”.

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Revolutionary Business Opportunities with BEpic

Here is what the founder of the BEpic 1Revolution movement writes about business benefits:

“Although there is massive fear around a “virus” right now… SALES in our company are going VIRAL & growing at a rapid rate DAILY!
As we are growing this online network via cellphone.. laptop…zoom… INTERNET… it’s the PERFECT timing for ANYONE… wanting to grow an income from home.

Why is this POWERFUL??… THIS is MAGICAL especially for anyone joining our online network… why? Our company offers a 50% retail model that allows people to potentially earn $500 – $1,500 per month or more in your spare time… like MANY OF YOU have already PROVEN.
Check this out…. if you enrolled a NEW customer every week for one year that equals 52 customers…
52 customers ordering $99 per month = $30,000 a year in income.
50 customers ordering $50 per month = $15,000 a year in income.

This is only WITH customers… doesn’t include the other 6 ways we pay if you choose to grow a network…. you all with this 50% retail model… the network GROWS FAST!

This is the EPIC ADVANTAGE… this is how you can build a FAST GROWING network of people… because it’s a CUSTOMER & RETAIL driven model get me??! By simply sharing your product experience and letting them know how fun and magical it is to acquire one customer a week for a year… that’s the ATTRACTION!!

  • no big packs
  • free to be a part of
  • 50% retail
  • simple system from your phone
  • innovative app technology
  • I am so excited to be a part of this industry… in this time… with THIS COMPANY… let’s get AGGRESSIVE in sharing this message with the world!

We are the 1REVOLUTION!!

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Ricky Villanueva & Demitrius Siruno

Current Challenge: 90 DAY G.O.A.T. RUN

G.O.A.T. (“Greatest Of All Time”) is a new BEpic challenge & contest for distributors. See infographics below.

G.O.A.T. BEpic competition
G.O.A.T. BEpic competition rules